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 Connecting People Across Cultures

The Full English Training Company

was established in 2014 in order to provide an engaging and novel format within Training and Education,  which combines Business and Management Training with a range of  Professional, Cultural, and Language oriented learning activities to facilitate the learning experience - and with a significant emphasis on cross-cultural Communication and understanding.


Experience shows that they best way to learn new skills is in an enjoyable environment, where the Leaners feel comfortable and aren’t afraid to even make a few mistakes - and the best way to retain any newly acquired knowledge is to practice as much as you can in realistic everyday situations and settings.


We also provide  ESOL Courses (English for Speakers of Other Languages) which are specifically designed according your unique workplace reuirements, ranging from Office or Desk based roles such as Knowledge Workers, Project Managers, Engineers etc, right across to Factory based roles like, Production Managers, Supervisors and Assembly Line workers. ESOL skills can play a signficant role in improving  your organisation's effectiveness, as well as contributing positively  to staff-motivation and emplyee retention in a tight labour market.


Whether you are a UK based company  looking to improve the level of communication and performance across different cultures within your own organisation, or a company from abroad, seeking a better and deeper  understanding of British business culture for your associates, we are able to offer specifically tailored courses for your requirements. Please see below for further information. Or if you can't find what you're looking for, simply drop us an email at info@the-fetc.co.uk


FETC is based in Harpenden, just north of London - UK,  within close vicinity to Luton Airport, an convenient access to Heathrow Airport.

 If you are planning to study in the     UK, then these courses give you a      solid foundation  for living and        studying here. 

Or if you are looking for an Internship, or a Graduate looking for employment, in the UK, then these courses can assist you.


English For The Workplace requires a a special approach for Learners to  get the most benefit from it.

We think it is essential that they feel engaged and enthusiastic during the lessons, which helps them improve their skills and ability more effectively

Effective training courses in interacting and communicating across different Cultures can improve your effectiveness as an organisation, and also help to attract and retain talented people from across the world.

Our aim is to help you achieve this.


Why choose The Full English Training Company ?

Because all of us at the FETC have extensive personal and professional experience from living and working in different countries and so understand the neccessity of learning to  communicate effectively across different cultures  - We bring this experience into all the courses we deliver for the benefit of our Clients