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The Full English Training Company Who Are We and Our Team


The Full English Training Company was founded by Alexander Moghal  MBA,  and Stephen James in 2014,

because we strongly believe that Training & Education services - and even Learning in general - could

be delivered in a more engaging, interesting, and  enjoyable way.


We also felt there was too little awareness about Cross-Cultural differences when these Training & Education courses were delivered for students and participants from around the globe, such as mainland Europe, the Middle East, or the South East Asia.


It is our aim at FETC to help you learn and communicate effectively across cultures - in an enjoyable way!

Alexander Moghal , MBA


Alexander has  been working in the Educational sector since 2008. First at Coventry University, and then lecturing in Marketing on the MBA programme at Emirates Aviation College in Dubai

 Prior to that, his background is within Management Consulting and Marketing, as well as having served as an Army Officer during his younger years.

He has worked across borders and across different cultures during his time at various Blue Chip companies, such as IBM, Medtronic and Gartner Group.  In Oct 2007, he travelled to India as part of UK trade delegation with the Minister of Trade, Sir Lord Digby Jones. 

Having lived and worked in various countries, including Denmark, Sweden, Germany, and South Africa, he is also fluent in several European languages.   

Alexander moved to the UK permanently in 2002 to complete his MBA from Henley Management College, and has lived here since.

In his spare time, he likes to pursue various outdoor activities with his children. He also enjoys travelling, and has driven by car from Sweden to India as a teenager in the early 1980’s.

Recently, he  completed his first Management book manuscript on the subject of “Inspired Leadership”.Always excited by a new challenge, he has also just started learning Japanese!

Stephen James


Stephen has over 20 years of experience in Training & Education and with a considerable amount

of time spent building ties between UK Educational Institutes and Eastern Europe (Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria and Romania).


For this reason, he has often been asked to speak as a Key Note Speaker at various conferences and in the region. Stephen has also been very instrumental in our successful delivery of the “Full English Student Culture Experience” as part of EU run Erasmus programme into UK educational establishments for these regions.


Over the 20 years, Stephen has developed and delivered IT and Business Skills Workshops to more than

5000 delegates ranging from Business Start-Ups to more established companies.

His personal passion lies in being Involved with innovative work programs for challenged young people,

that seek to bring them into mainstream education and employment.

And the most quintessential of British pastimes! Which is watching Rugby on Saturday afternoons during the season!