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English Language Classes in the Workplace for Professionals, Project Managers, Production Workers and others, based on the accredited ESOL Programme (English for Speakers of Other Languages).

Britain has a unique position on the on the Global scene and attracts a talented

workforce from across the World!


But the English language skills can fall short of what is required in the

workplace today, and so  capable people may not be able to contribute with their

full potential within the organisation. At a personal level, they can start to feel

frustrated, less confident, and even less motivated.


Our English Language Training can help address this challenge by providing

courses based on the accredited ESOL Programme (English for Speakers of

Other Languages)  tailored to your specific company requirements, and

delivered on-site at your facilities and premises - this saves travel time for you!


ESOL Programmes are well established in the UK and frequently used within

various organisations and companies - but they are based on teaching general

English for everyday situations which isn't relevant or neccessary for company needs.


That's why we develop teaching materials based specifically on your company

vocabulary and work-situations, unlike other providers.


A well conducted English Language course is an important investment in your

staff members and we fully understand the importance of getting the best results

for your organisation.


Our clients tell us that they have seen the following benefits from our courses:


  • Participants learn more and retain more from our lessons because the teaching                                                       material is relevant to their job-role and function


  • Learners feel more confident and capable in their workplace because of our                                                        scenario-based teaching methods


  • Greater motivation and stronger company culture resulting in higher staff retention of valued staff members


  • Better understanding of Health & Safety requirements and incident reporting


  • Improved work practices because of better and more efficient communication



We have a methodical approach to ensure that all important criteria are identified in collaboration with you,

so we can meet these succussfully. We go through each of the following stages, based on your input


  • Developing  the ESOL Programme specifically for your work place requirements


  • Delivery phase of the programme


  • Completion and Evaluation 



Course Format


As an example, an  ESOL course can be delivered in the following format:

  • 12 Weeks of  classes
  • 3 hours weekly
  • Delivered on- site at Client premises
  • Audio Visual learning aids
  • On-going Learner Assessment  for evaluation progress
  • Flexibility around your  work place schedule


This format can of course be tailored  to your specific aims and requirements.



Client Deliverables


If requested, we can prepare the following documentation for your convenience and for the relevant departments:

  • Information compiled during  the  Development Phase, a Scheme of Work and  copies of Initial Learner Assessments


  • On-going Feedback and Evaluation to your HR department


  • Certificate of Attendance for Learners


  • Final report and evaluation



Our aim is to help our clients to grow both professionally, as well as personally, with a solid foundation that is built on a proven approach and methodology.




Pricing is  subject to requirements



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